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Member Benefit #1:
The Entire How To Get A Legal Job® Book Series, As They’re Released

A groundbreaking series written by Shauna C. Bryce, Esq. to assist current and graduating law school students and junior lawyers. What makes this series different—and what has earned it acclaim from attorneys and career professionals—is how the series was developed and created. How To Get A Legal Job® series isn’t just Shauna’s advice; it’s thoroughly researched advice from the very people who will review resumes, interview, and make hiring decisions.

This unprecedented and unparalleled series has 4-acclaimed volumes, with more updates planned!

In addition to the entire How To Get A Legal Job® book series, you’ll receive

Member Benefit #2:
Step-By-Step Tutorial Programs Prepared By Shauna

Each program has a clearly stated mission to teach you a critical skill, a goal for each day, and a step-by-step guide for achieving that day’s goal. As a member, you can work your way through our 50+ individual training lessons, or focus on the ones most important to you.

  • Master LinkedIn In 10 Minutes A Day Program: Daily lessons, each with a specific objective to get you up and running with minimal effort. Do them all, or just focus on the ones you need most.
  • Get Started On Facebook: The Basics Of Your Profile, Network, And Job Search: Programs to build your job search network, research prospective employers, and connect.
  • Getting What You’re Worth: Salary And Raise Negotiation: Multistep primers to increase initial salary offers and get a raise so that you can make more money, both now and in the future.

Member Benefit #3:
Market Intel Curated And Explained By Shauna

All your market research in one place. From job opportunities available near you, to links to and evaluation of corporate intelligence on law firms and companies.

  • Job Openings: Search our How To Get A Legal Job® job board for opportunities, and learn some of the best ways to incorporate a job board into your job search and career development.
  • Surveys, Rankings & Lists: A guide to the legal industry’s most important rankings, along with explanations of why those rankings should matter to you. We’re updating these pages right now!

Member Benefit #4:
Motivation & Personalized Advice From Shauna To You

Where can you go to ask your critical career questions? Where can you receive frank answers? As a member, you don’t have to go it alone. When you need assistance applying theory to your goals and challenges, How To Get A Legal Job® is there to help.

  • Ask The Hiring Attorney®: Expert job search and career advice column featuring real world questions and challenges of lawyers and law students.
  • Weekly Newsletter: Only have a few minutes a day and don’t know where to start? Our weekly newsletter will help you get moving with any (or all!) of 10 categories of strategies, solutions, and motivational thoughts. These are action plans you can execute during your lunch hour, or any time!
  • One-On-One Coaching With Shauna: As a member of How To Get A Legal Job®, you can book strategic coaching with Shauna at 25% off her regular Bryce Legal Career Counsel rate. *Subject to availability.