As a current or graduating law school student, or as a junior attorney, you’re facing the worst job market in years.

The law school class of 2011 faced the lowest employment rates in nearly 20 years, according to national research by NALP and others. Fully one third of those graduates were in jobs that don’t require a law degree, or were back in graduate school, or were unemployed.*

There are fewer law jobs and law-related jobs waiting for the 40,000 to 45,000 people who graduate from law school each year, some with more than $150,000 of debt from law school alone.

Fewer jobs and high student loan debt mean increased competition for the jobs that are available, and also increased pressure on graduates to find employment. A law degree is no longer a guarantee of quality employment at a quality salary. Employers are unforgiving.

Unfortunately, the sorry state of our legal job market isn’t likely to turn around quickly.

Yes, there are jobs out there, but employers can afford to be choosey. Law students and new attorneys need every advantage they can get. It’s How To Get A Legal Job®’s mission to teach you to:

✓ Leverage your experience, skills, and potential,
✓ Identify your strong suits and find employers who value them,
✓ Stand out from your competition,
✓ Understand the ins and outs of the hiring process, and make them work for you,
✓ Build and nurture a network,
✓ Find opportunities before they’re posted on job boards, and
✓ Maximize your chances of successfully finding a full-time, permanent legal job while also building a long-term legal career.

* Sloan, Karen. “A Dismal Job Market For Law Grads Got Even Worse For Class Of 2011,” The National Law Journal (June 7, 2012).