This site is specially designed and created for current and graduating law students, and new attorneys with up to two years of legal practice experience.

Most of you are in your 20s.

Many have never worked in a law firm, legal department, or other formal office setting; applied to work in such a setting; or even looked for those types of job opportunities. Many are the first lawyers in their families, and sometimes the first college graduates.

How To Get A Legal Job® is the most authoritative resource for you on job hunting, writing resumes and other career documents, building and using a professional network, using social media, interviewing, working with legal recruiters, tips on business etiquette, staying motivated in a tough job market, and more.

What Is The Source Of The “Insider” Information On This Site And In The Books?

As attorneys, we’re trained to want to know (and rate!) the authority behind claims. One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before relying on job search and career advice is: Where does this “expert” advice come from?

Yet, most job search, career advice, and resume writing advice isn’t sourced at all. The authors don’t tell you how they arrived at their conclusions, and so it can be difficult to determine whether the advice is trustworthy and reliable or whether the authors are simply giving their own opinions based on out-of-date information.

How To Get A Legal Job® is culmination of Shauna C. Bryce, Esq.’s nearly 20 years of law firm, in-house, hiring committee, and career counseling experience, and her 3 years of research and interviews of more than 150 hiring lawyers across the country and across industries.

Shauna is a Harvard Law School graduate who practiced in a BigLaw international firm based in Manhattan, a regional law firm, and in-house. She served on a firm’s hiring committee, participated in hiring decisions and recruiting events, reviewed countless resumes, conducted interviews, and mentored junior and mid-level associates, before founding Bryce Legal Career Counsel and becoming a resume writer and career adviser for lawyers.

To research her book, How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide For New Attorneys And Law School Students, and to create this site, Shauna spent nearly 3 years interviewing 150+ experienced lawyers  (including law school deans and professors, federal prosecutors, partners and associates in AmLaw 100 law firms, sole practitioners, lawyers in financial services institutions and other corporations, and legal recruiters). And she continues to regularly confer with hiring attorneys, legal recruiters, and other influencers of the hiring process.

Those lawyers grew up, went to school, live, and practice all over the U.S. They attended diverse colleges, law schools, and other graduate schools. They have experience in local, regional, national, and international nonprofits; federal, state, and local governments; law firms ranging from sole proprietorships to international firms; investment banks and financial services firms; entrepreneurial ventures and start-up businesses to established companies; corporations of all sizes and in a range of industries; and academia. Many have experience not only as attorneys, but also in quasi-legal and business roles. Some have had entire careers before (or after) their careers as attorneys, including service in the U.S. Armed Forces. All have sat in the position you are now—as a graduating law school student or new attorney making career decisions, researching employers, preparing resumes and cover letters, and interviewing.

So How To Get A Legal Job® isn’t just Shauna’s advice; it’s thoroughly researched advice from the very people who will review your resume, interview you, and make hiring decisions about you.