Who Needs This Site?

This site is specially designed and created for current and graduating law students, and new attorneys with up to two years of legal practice experience.

Most of you are in your 20s.

Many have never worked in a law firm, legal department, or other formal office setting; applied to work in such a setting; or even looked for those types of job opportunities. Many are the first lawyers in their families, and sometimes the first college graduates.

How To Get A Legal Job® is the most authoritative resource for you on job hunting, writing resumes and other career documents, building and using a professional network, using social media, interviewing, working with legal recruiters, tips on business etiquette, staying motivated in a tough job market, and more.

This site provides insider secrets and detailed instructions to help you face down the challenges on:

✓ Converting the $150,000+ you invested to earn your law degree into a paying legal job,
✓ Navigating the toughest legal job market in a generation,
✓ Uncovering and seizing opportunities—not just for a job now, but to also build your career,
✓ Understanding, meeting, and even exceeding hiring attorneys’ expectations,
✓ And much more.

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