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This site is the only resource of its kind—an authoritative resource on job search strategies and career development for new attorneys and for current and graduating law students, who are looking for an competitive advantage as they face the worst legal job market in a generation.

Where Does The Information On This Site Come From?: Find out why you should make this site your go-to resource—the only place you’ll find job search and career advice based on the insights of 150+ hiring attorneys collected over 3 years.

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When The Dream Confronts Reality, We Can Help

The State Of The Legal Job Market: Prepare to face the worst legal job market in a generation, armed with not just abstract advice, but also with step-by-step strategies to implement that advice.

Converting Your Law Degree Into A Legal Job: You just paid $150,000+ for your JD. Now what do you do?

Dual Goals: Getting A Job And Building A Career : How do you balance your long-term goal of building a stellar legal career, with your short-term need for employment?

Traversing The Generation Gap Between You And Those Who Will (Or Will Not!) Hire You: You know how to relate to your peers and the world of law school. But do you know how to relate to the 45 to 65 year old, veteran attorneys who control or influence the hiring process as well the world of the formal law firm or legal department?

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Your Host Expert: Learn more about the founder of How To Get A Legal Job® website and author of the How To Get A Legal Job® books, Shauna C. Bryce, Esq. She’s a Harvard Law School graduate with nearly 20 years of law firm, in-house, hiring committee, and career counseling experience, and with a network of hiring attorneys around the country and across sectors.

Endorsements: The How To Get A Legal Job® website and books have been endorsed by lawyers across sectors, as well as nationally known career experts.

Reviews and Press: The How To Get A Legal Job® website and books have been featured in publications ranging from Harvard Law Bulletin to lawyers’ blogs.

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