How To Get A Legal Job® is the only resource of its kind.


How To Get A Legal Job® is a members-only resource especially designed and tailored for law school students and recent graduates who are looking for legal and quasi-legal employment in law firms, corporations, nonprofits, and other professional settings.

Do you have questions about…

✓ Converting the $150,000+ you invested to earn your law degree into a paying legal job?
✓ Navigating the toughest legal job market in a generation?
✓ Uncovering and seizing opportunities—not just for a job now, but to also build your career?
✓ Understanding, meeting, and even exceeding hiring attorneys’ expectations?
✓ Making the transition from law student to up-and-coming lawyer?

Do you need assistance with…

✓ Job hunting?
✓ Writing resumes, cover letters, and other career documents?
✓ Building and using a professional network?
✓ Using social media for job search and business network development?
✓ Interviewing on campus and at employer’s offices?
✓ Working with legal recruiters?
✓ Business etiquette?
✓ Lunchtime interviews?
✓ Staying motivated and organized in a tough job market, and more?


How To Get A Legal Job® is culmination of Shauna C. Bryce, Esq.’s nearly 20 years of law firm, in-house, hiring committee, and career counseling experience, as well as her 3 years of research and interviews of more than 150 hiring lawyers.

She quickly realized how little quality career information was available for lawyers and law students. Much of the information in general resume writing and career books was too generic to be useful, and because of the nuances of the legal world, that information was actually detrimental to lawyers starting their careers. Even books aimed at this audience weren’t written or edited by lawyers with hiring experience, failed to source their information.


As a Member of How To Get A Legal Job®, you’ll receive:

Member Benefit #1:
The Entire How To Get A Legal Job® Book Series, As They’re Released

A groundbreaking series written by Shauna C. Bryce, Esq. to lawyers of nearly all levels, but are particularly critical for new lawyers and law school students. What makes this series different—and what has earned it acclaim from attorneys and career professionals—is how the series was developed and created. How To Get A Legal Job® series isn’t just Shauna’s advice; it’s thoroughly researched advice from the very people who will review resumes, interview, and make hiring decisions.

This unprecedented and unparalleled series has 6 volumes, with more planned!

  • LinkedIn® For Lawyers And Law Students: Profiles, Job Search, Networking, Ethics, And Etiquette: Originally created with executive-level lawyers in mind, this is an in-depth resource that explains the theory behind an outstanding LinkedIn® profile and gives you step-by-step instructions to implement that theory in real life situations.
  • How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide For New Attorneys And Law School Students: A one-of-a-kind resource endorsed by hiring attorneys across sectors. The Guide explains the process of legal hiring, as well as the reasons behind it, so that you’re better equipped to face down the challenge of landing a legal job. With tons of “from the trenches” stories and advice, get in the inside scoop on: the job search; resumes and other career documents; interviewing and professional presentation; and employment offers and planning for the future.
  • How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide For New Attorneys And Law School Students—Outtakes!: All the raw and politically incorrect—but honest—quotes and lessons from hiring attorneys that couldn’t fit into the original guide. Outtakes! is more than just quotes, however. The quotes are grouped by topic, and created for you a set of common themes or takeaways.
  • Reference Checks, Reference Pages, And Letters Of Recommendation For Lawyers And Law Students: Step In Front Of The Pack And Win Job Offers: Understand how and why employers ask for your references so that you can prepare for the reference check and ensure your references can help you move from job interview to job offer.
  • Writing Samples For Lawyers And Law Students: Proving Your Research, Analysis, And Advocacy Skills: Learn how choose a top-notch writing sample, prepare your sample, and create a contextual covers for it.
  • Networking Cards For Lawyers And Law Students: How A 30-Minute Investment Can Teach You To Market Yourself And Network Like A Pro: Learn about powerful tools to help law school students self-market, identify their unique value proposition, and network in-person. This concise resource explains the theory behind effective networking cards and gives you step-by-step instructions to implement that theory in real life situations.

In addition to the entire How To Get A Legal Job® book series, you’ll receive

Member Benefit #2:
Step-By-Step Tutorial Programs Prepared By Shauna

Each program has a clearly stated mission to teach you a critical skill, a goal for each day, and a step-by-step guide for achieving that day’s goal. As a member, you can work your way through our 50+ individual training lessons, or focus on the ones most important to you.

  • Master LinkedIn In 10 Minutes A Day Program: Daily lessons, each with a specific objective to get you up and running with minimal effort. Do them all, or just focus on the ones you need most.
  • Getting What You’re Worth: Salary And Raise Negotiation: Multi-step primers to increase initial salary offers and get a raise so that you can make more money, both now and in the future.
  • Get Started On Facebook: The Basics Of Your Profile, Network, And Job Search: Programs to build your job search network, research prospective employers, and connect.

Member Benefit #3:
Market Intel Curated And Explained By Shauna

All your market research in one place. From job opportunities available near you, to links to and evaluation of corporate intelligence on law firms and companies.

  • Job Openings: Search our How To Get A Legal Job® job board for opportunities, and learn some of the best ways to incorporate a job board into your job search and career development.
  • Surveys, Rankings, And Lists: A guide to the legal industry’s most important rankings, along with explanations of why those rankings should matter to you.

Member Benefit #4:
Motivation & Personalized Advice From Shauna To You

Where can you go to ask your critical career questions? Where can you receive frank answers? As a member, you don’t have to go it alone. When you need assistance applying theory to your goals and challenges, How To Get A Legal Job® is there to help.

  • Ask The Hiring Attorney®: Expert job search and career advice column featuring real world questions and challenges of lawyers and law students.
  • Weekly Newsletter: Only have a few minutes a day and don’t know where to start? Our weekly newsletter will help you get moving with any (or all!) of 10 categories of strategies, solutions, and motivational thoughts. These are action plans you can execute during your lunch hour, or any time! [temporarily on hiatus]